Fees and charges

All packages include travel within the metro area and incorporate a $35 booking/attendance/travel fee ($110 for twilights) that is non-refundable one hour prior to the appointment. All prices include GST and are subject to change without notice.


Rental (up to 13 images/20 minutes) - RENTAL PROPERTIES ONLY $100
Basic Day (up to 20 images/40 minutes) $135
Standard Day (up to 25 images/50 minutes)         MOST POPULAR   $160
Premium Day (up to 30 images/60 minutes) $185
Twilight (up to 5 images/30 minutes, add $50 for sunrise) $135


Elevated (first image, then $10 per image) $20
Location/lifestyle POA
Pick up and return keys (property within 5 kilometres of office) Free

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