Why should sellers choose you over other agents?

Think about the process that occurs when a home owner decides to sell.

First, they ask “Who will I trust to sell our home/investment?” Perhaps they’ll use a friend’s or a family member’s past experience or recommendation. Sometimes they’ll go with the agency that they’ve dealt with before, or have seen advertised online, in the local paper, on signage or on letterbox flyers. Maybe they’ll do an online search for agencies that service their area. No matter which, it’s more than likely that they’ll then take a look at each of the agency’s websites they’ve shortlisted.

What do you think they’ll be looking for?

They want to be reassured that whoever they select, that person will be doing everything possible to promote their property so that it sells quickly and for the best possible price. Sure, they may be swayed by the highest price quoted or, to a lesser extent, the lowest commission but that will unravel itself after a few weeks on the market when the agent says that the price they’ve previously quoted needs to come down, and heavily. No, they’re more likely to be looking at the quality of agents’ listings. And the one thing that will determine that will be the quality of the photos. Not video or drone or virtual tours/3D/360/VR, especially in tough economic times and they’re each so expensive. It’s mostly the photos.

If they see outstanding, professional photos on one site and ones that are average or taken on a phone on another, which agency do you think they’re likely to go with?

Every business wants to be a customer's first choice. Your brand is what you are really selling to your customers, not just a product or service for which there may already be many dozens of existing providers. A strong brand can make any business stand out in the crowd, particularly in competitive markets. And a strong brand in real estate is closely tied to consistently great photos on the real estate agency’s web site.

And if the owner picks your competitor instead of you, you’ll never know.

Who we are

We are based in the south-east Perth metro area in Western Australia. We’ve photographed over 9,000 Perth properties during the past 9 years, from picture-perfect multi-million dollar mansions to dilapidated properties, so we’ve seen it all.  We specialise in attention to detail and agents love our work. We’ve never had a client that we couldn’t satisfy so we must be doing something right!

Our guiding principles

  1. Integrity.

    • We will, above all, be honest, trustworthy and reliable because a business that is not will only survive for so long. Real estate is a small world and bad news travels quickly.

    • We’re only human and we make mistakes. However, when we do, we will admit to it, do whatever we can to fix it (even if it means we make a loss on a job) and change the way we do things to ensure that it never happens again.

    • Integrity is important because integrity leads to trust, which leads to repeat business, which leads to profitability.

  2. Quality.

    • We will always deliver the best photos possible.

    • We will strive to keep up-to-date and ahead of the pack with the latest trends and techniques.

    • If we lose a client, we will work out why and how that happened and, if appropriate, seek to win back that client.

    • If necessary, we will replace skies, lawns and pool water (as long as the photos don’t mislead).

  3. Service.

    • Our overriding aim is to exceed clients’ expectations.

    • We will liaise with owners and tenants directly, where possible, and keep the agent in the loop at all times.

    • We will deliver photos the next working day, preferably by the start of business.

    • We won’t charge extra for travel within the Perth metropolitan area.

    • We will pick up keys and return them, allowing you to get on with more important things.

    • We will deliver high res print and web versions and add the agency logo at no extra charge.

    • We will only shoot real estate and will do so only for agents.

    • We will basically minimise the client’s pain points and maximise their experience.

  4. Courtesy.

    • We will treat properties, owners and tenants, and their belongings with the utmost respect.

  5. Punctuality.

    • We will try our best to arrive at least 5 minutes early and will call ahead if we’re going to be more than 3 minutes late.

  6. Satisfaction.

    • If the client isn’t 100% satisfied, we will re-edit the photos or reshoot the property.

    • If we can’t satisfy the client, there will be no charge.

  7. Value for money.

    • We will charge at a rate that is competitive and commensurate with the service we provide.

  8. Availability.

    • We will answer calls promptly between 7am and 10pm every day. Having us on-call at a listing will impress home owners.

    • We will, where possible, be available to shoot every day.

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