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Key Real Estate Photography

When it comes to looking for properties, most people use the internet.  Potential buyers browsing for homes online take just a few seconds before deciding whether they like what they see, usually from a single photo.  And most agents know that they need to make a big impression…and fast.

Successful agents around the world understand the value of great photography.  They realise that taking their own photos could lose money in the long term by reducing the amount of potential buyers who contact them or turn up when the home is open for viewing.  They demand crisp, bright, well-composed photos because that’s the quickest and most cost-effective way to convert listings into sales.


real estate photography...nothing else

Key Real Estate Photography has photographed over 9,000 Perth properties, from picture-perfect multi-million dollar mansions to tenanted properties that take lots of time and effort to declutter, so we’ve seen them all.  We specialise in attention to detail and agents love our work.  We’ve never had a client that we couldn’t satisfy so we must be doing something right!

Our guiding principles:

  1. Spectacular photography

  2. Quick turnaround

  3. Professional, reliable and courteous service